Selling Tips

The Best Selling Tips EVER!


Selling a house can be a big, daunting task. Just thinking about it can overwhelm you, but hey, you want to here are some selling tips that will not only make the task a whole lot easier, but it will get your home sold faster and at top dollar with little or no hassle during the process.  From when to put your house on the market to how to price and present your home just right, here are some top selling tips that will help you get there and are truly worth the trouble. 

First, the #1 task would be to do ALL repairs before it drops on the market and buyers start poking around. Every house has it's issues, yours will too. The main focus is to do this right from the start, not only to avoid buyers asking for repairs during the due diligence/inspection period, but to also have your home show at it's best and you receive an offer quick. The main items to look at are the bones of the home. The furnace, water heater, electrical, plumbing, and the roof. How old are they? Do they need updating or replaced? Another example, look at your bathrooms. Do the sinks or tub/shower need new caulking, do the faucets leak or does the sink underneath have leaks? These are just a few to focus on. As your agent, I will walk you through this process to make sure you have repaired what you know about and to see if we discover any issues before the home is listed.

Second, if you want to remodel the home before selling, spend your reno dollars wisely. Find the balance of not spending too much, but enough to have your home show at it's best. Create a budget and list of updates that you know a buyer will appreciate and won't break your checkbook. Buyer's focus on the condition of kitchens and bath's more than fancy landscaping, the most expensive flooring or finishing the basement. But remember, you also don't want to be a cheapskate either. Nothing bothers me more when a Seller DIY's a project (a bad paint job or installs nice flooring incorrectly) or uses the least expensive route to update a kitchen (paints the old cabinets, that should not be reused), but still wants top dollar for their home. Professional craftsmanship is the tried-and-true method for getting the best bang for your buck. It may cost a little more for the renovation, but you are more likely to get a good return on your investment. You want to choose the right repairs and renovations that will pay off when you sell the home. I can be that second set of eyes to help you go over the list and decide what should be prioritized. 

Third, don't price your home too high. While certain listing agents might claim they can list and sell your house for a higher-than-market value price, they're usually just trying to get your business, so don't be fooled. In fact, you might be better off listing your house just under what you might expect. If your home shows well and is priced right, it will sell quickly. If it's overpriced, no matter if it shows well, it will not sell. I can give you advice on how to come to a sales price.

Lastly, make sure you have professional pictures taken of your home to list it online. This is very important, as it's the first glimpse of your home a buyer gets when doing an online home search. You want the pictures to be clear, with the best lighting, and at the right angle. Have you ever seen pictures that you know were taken with a cell phone? They are usually not the best and can make a buyer click right off your listing. You want a buyer to say "WOW" when they see your home for the first time online. I always have a professional photographer take my listing pictures (it's a service I offer my Sellers at no-cost), and I walk through before the pictures are taken to make sure the rooms are staged correctly to get the best, possible look for your home. 

So, these are some tips that I find most useful to a Seller right out the gate. Believe me, you will be happy and prepared to sell if you follow these tips. It will make the process a bit simpler and get you moving on to your next adventure with ease!

Let's Get Your Home Ready to Sell

If you need a second set of eyes to walk through your home and help you decide what work can and should be done, I am here to help! I walk through every home inspection with my buyer clients, have been through many remodeled homes, and have negotiated repairs on behalf of my buyers, so I know exactly what an inspector and a buyer will possibly see when walking through your home. Let me help you get one step ahead of the game!